Pirouette, Rhythmus, Schwanensee, Nussknacker, Dramatik


I am offering a summerworkshop from Aug 17 th until Aug 28 th
Mo/Tue/Thu/Fr from 9 am - 2 pm, Wedn from 11 am - 4 pm.
It is my teaching-philosophy, that every child/teenager deserves individual attention to bring out what is in them, nuture the strengh, strenghening the weakness and putting no pressure on the young people I let them bring in their own ideas and I am allways open to creative ideas.
After a happy and successful life on stage/film and tv I teach all I ever qualified in and performed.This is classical ballett=singing/acting=presenting/choreographing/writing and directing.
We will have an exchange of ideas each morning-followed by warm-up and traininig. individually paying attention to the ones who love ballett and the ones who prefer the more sporty version.
After training we relax and stretch,very important for our muscles' wellbeing.
We then have lunch-which I will explain thoroughly – this has been a very dear subject in my years of ballett-academy.
After lunch we will have time to develop a film or performance idea – discuss theme = roles/costumes/music/
dialogue/maybe we even have a talented director?
Since I do films with my students (for private use as well as public) – we might get my director of fotography to set to film it – if he is free. In my experience, the children get a big boost of selfconfidence when they see what they have been able to create.

If you are interested, please contact
RICARDA 0152 55 454 887
E-mail: poznanski.ricarda@gmail.com

Bring comfortable cloths, let me know about food allergies, health issues if there are to BALLETTSCHULE-RICARDA in Ginnheimer Landstr 4 /entrance Sophienstr. – it is the little yellow house at the corner – with parking space on the premesis.
The fee is 50 € per day – all food and drink included – you may of course bring your own – and please bring a paper-notebook and a ballpen for notes – if your child prefers to write down ideas …
I am looking foward to a special time ...
All hygenic standarts are fullfilled
Stay safe

Liebe Schülerinnen und Schüler, Liebe Eltern
Ich hoffe, Ihr seid alle gesund und bleibt es auch. 

Ich habe Euch meinen Ferienunterrichtsplan für die Zeit von 4. Juli bis 9. August eingestellt – und freue mich auf Euch


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